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I Became The Stepmother Of An Irrevocable Dark Family

“Get lost!”
Who could imagine these words came from the mouth of a 5-year-old Duke’s daughter! Unfortunately, I became the third stepmother of that horrible girl, Rebecca.

Living in the modern time, I was an abandoned child who grew up in an orphanage, then died in an accident. Back in this era, my role is Leona, who was sold by her father as a courtesan to the family of Duke Ian Petri. She would be crippled by Rebecca soon. I am not going to wait for that murky future to happen in this second life. Yes, the Duke assigned me the “mother” of his princess, I had the duty to “take care” of her well.

“If you do everything that she asks for, there will be no end. In the end, it’s not for the child’s sake, but only a shortcut to destroy the child”. I gave my words to her nanny.

So I started my plan of teaching the wicked daughter how to behave in good manners.

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